Summit [USA] 

summit usa

This supercomputer is great as this is the third time it is showing up on the head of the 10 fastest supercomputers on the planet list. Each time it has improved its presentation and evaluations to beat the contenders. A year ago the speed of this supercomputer was 143.5 petaflops which have improved for the current year to 148.6 petaflops. It is on top of the fastest Supercomputers of the World.

This framework is controlled with 2,282,544 IBM Power9 centers and 2,090,880 Nvidia Volta GV100 centers. He worked for Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Branch of Energy. Keeping up the forced productivity of 11.324 gigaflops/watt, Summit has a hypothetical pinnacle execution of 187.66 petaflops. 

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